Image by Sam Moqadam


Design Dejon'e is a luxury design and staging service that provides high-end creations using the unique concepts produced by Dejon'e herself. The entire process is outlined with the use of her artistic intelligence. Every detail, pattern, material, even art plays like a beautiful orchestra in her mind as she gently brings each of them to life.  One by one she brings each piece together monitoring its sound and how well it fits in with the others. 

Dejon'e is a self taught multi-talented business owner , designer and artist she graduated with a degree in Business to learn how to be a business owner . She quickly wanted to become a business owner and opened her first business in hospitality on Tuesday. December 8, 2015.  Later , she felt like she lost her passion for art and creativity and begin to pursue a career in design . As of today Dejon'e continues to build her design portfolio while she transforms the spaces of her clients.



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Image by Sam Moqadam
Image by Sam Moqadam





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